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Principal Update Spring 2018

We are closing in to the end of our first year at IES Landskrona. As a principal it has been a great experience and I really appreciate all the hard work from students, staff and guardians. We are continuing to build our school together.


End of Year Ceremonies

The end of year ceremonies will be held June 15th and the day is expected to end no later than 1pm. Separate invitations will be sent out to guardians closer to the date.


Class Remixing and June 14

We are currently working on putting our new classes together. All year levels (with the exception of year 8) will be mixed this year. We will invite all new students except the f-class (about 50 of them starting in year 2-8) for a “New Class Day” on June 14th.



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Teachers for 2018 - 2019

We have finished recruitment for the school year of 2018 - 2019 and are happy to announce the following teacher allocation:

F-class: Ms. M. Mårtensson, Ms. Gudinge Sr., Ms. L. Mårtensson and Ms. H. Nordberg

Year 1:  Ms. Frasier and Ms. Gudinge Jr.

Year 2: Ms. S. Nordberg, Ms. Strand

Year 3: Ms. Olofsson, Ms. Cederberg


Teacher allocation and mentors for year 4-9 will be published closer to the start of school.

We have a few new teachers coming in as well:

Mr. James Marshall from Scotland, Science and Maths in year 6-7

Mr. Pete Lücken from US, Religion and Geography year 6-9

Ms. Daryl O'Dea from Ireland, Textiles year 4-9

Ms. Barbora Borovska from Canada, French and Home Ec. Year 6-9

Ms. Anika Albers from Canada, Aesthetics year F-3


After school clubs and student choice

We are currently running a Golf club, chess club and relaxation club. In order to improve quantity and quality we have decided to merge the After School activities with “Student Choice” for next year, meaning that students will have to choose one after school activity as a part of the regular curriculum. Choices will be made early next term.


Apartments for teachers

We are also looking for apartments for teachers for next year. Please contact the admin if you have any leads.

Congratulations to Ahmed in 3B!

Congratulations to Ahmed in 3B!

Ahmed Muhammad was among the winners who won Landskrona City’s School Scholarship 2018 for Best Knowledge Development. He was nominated by the staff at IES Landskrona and received his prize at a ceremony in the City Hall last week.

What will you do with the prize you won?

“I will probably give it to my dad or my grandmother”

How do you feel about winning this award?


Why do you think you were nominated?

I don’t know

Were you happy to get the award?



Favorite subject: Science/ Woodcraft/Textiles

Favorite hobby: reading about history

Biggest wish: to ride a horse

Congratulations to Felix in 6B!

Congratulations to Felix in 6B!

Felix Hellborg has been nominated and selected to receive Landskrona city’s School Scholarship 2018. Felix Hellborg har blivit nominerad och utsedd att ta emot Landskronas stads Skolstipendium 2018. Felix was nominated by a number of teachers and will be awarded his prize on Thursday evening at the City Hall in Landskrona.

What do you think about being nominated?

"I was shocked because I didn't even know such scholarship existed. It feels great!"

Why do you think you were nominated for the award?

"I think that the teachers think I am ambitious even though I don't see it in myself. I receive a lot of amazing feedback from the staff and am happy for that!"

Were you surprised to hear you won?

"Of course! I was shocked when I heard of the nomination and had still no idea what it was."

Who are you taking with you to the dinner on Thursday?

"My parents"

Favorite subject in school: Math and/or Science

Favorite hobby: Play guitar

Favorite book:  Harry Potter

IES Landskrona - Jobs Provider of the Year

Mr Nilsson (furthest right) collects the award on behalf of IES Landskrona  

IES Landskrona has been chosen as jobs provider of the year at the Landskrona Näringslivsgala.
The F-9 school, which opened in August 2017, employs teaching and non-teaching staff from Landskrona, further afield in Sweden, and also draws a large proportion of its well-qualified teaching staff from around the English-speaking world. Today the school has nearly 500 students, and 55 staff.
The judges’ motivation stated: “The prize goes to Internationella Engelska Skolan which chose to invest in Landskrona although it might not have been the completely obvious choice from the start.  They have enriched the business community and brought a new dimension to a traditional business.  They have helped to put Landskrona on the map, and in opening a school have created more than 50 jobs and attracted people to move to the town. "

Ms Roelandi Engelbrecht (pictured, with her husband), who teaches physical education at the school, is one of the staff who have been recruited from abroad.  She is from South Africa, and has joined colleagues from countries including the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Australia as well as, of course, Sweden.
She said: "I couldn’t be happier working for IES Landskrona, it’s a fantastic school.
"I would recommend that teachers back in South Africa come to IES in Sweden because the curriculum that is offered here is so creative, the kids are so stimulated, you can stimulate critical thinking. We have the freedom to develop our own curriculum here, which is any teacher's dream."
Mr Engelbrecht moved to Landskrona in August and has been part of the team who have worked together to open the school.
She said: "Sweden is very different to South Africa, I come from Cape Town and I really like it here, it was such a great move. My husband and I have been so supported by Mr Nilsson. The support from IES made the move effortless and easy, though getting used to the cold was an adjustment.
“We enjoy the effectiveness of everything here, for example the public transport is easy, you are always updated via an app and have it at your fingertips.  It is honestly an amazing town."
The school’s Principal, Mr Chris Nilsson, attended the Näringslivsgalan to collect the award.
He said: “It was a very good night. A lot of parents were there and we got so much positive feedback.
"I want to thank the town of Landskrona for making this possible.  It is a very friendly town and it is easy to do business here.
“There has been a lot of interest in coming to work with us from throughout the community and we have been able to employ a good mix of young professionals and more experienced personnel.  Our staff enjoy the atmosphere in the school and the fact that we really focus on our students, and providing them with a high-quality education.”
For more information about working for Internationella Engelska Skolan, or to apply visit