Congratulations to our new published author Ms. Carina Åström!

Congratulations to our new published author Ms. Carina Åström!

Ms. Åström teaches Swedish and German and is Mentor to class 9B. Her book “Det omöjliga som blev möjlig. Sanningen om Felix Kersten”  is available for purchase at

What is the book about?

“The book is about Felix Kersten who was Heinrich Himmler’s doctor during 1939-1945. Felix specialized in Chinese massage technique for the nervous system. The book is based on his diaries and focuses on Felix’s work in Sweden during the “White Buses” operation and how he helped people from concentration camps and prisons to come to Sweden. He would ask for people to be freed in exchange for his medical care to Himmler.”

Why did you write it? What inspired you to write it?

“I met an Austrian lady named Tatjana when I worked in homecare who shared her story with me. She used to work as a spy for the resistance as a photographer and transporting expensive art for the elite Germans. She was captured in 1944 but was freed after Felix asked Himmler to let her go. Many people have never heard of Felix and I wanted to share his story. You do not find him in history books and I hope to change the history in Sweden by spreading his name and showing he was a true hero to many.“

Why are you so passionate about the Holocaust?

"My grandparents lived through these times. My grandfather was saved by a Jewish family during the Spanish flu and then later served in the Swedish army.” 

Will we see more writing from you in the future?

“I have already written a second book about one survivor of the Holocaust. I hope it will be published by the end of this year. I am in the works of another book about Felix’s sons and their struggle to get their father’s story told and the impact it has had on them.”