First 10 weeks

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Dear Students and Guardian

Almost ten weeks have past since we opened the schools with bagpipes, speeches and the planting of an apple tree. A few students have left us, and more have joined.  Many students are applying to get in, so if you have sibling that you want to apply they need to be enrolled in the queue as soon as possible. Admission for 2018 will start close to Christmas or shortly after.

In the last few weeks management and teachers have made day to day operations our priority. This has involved helping all students to follow our rules, learn our building, our culture and our expectations. We have discovered some ventilation issues and fixed them, we have learnt that the logistics of the lunch room had to be rethought, and some of the lunchtimes have been changed. We have ordered plenty of teaching materials and more will come.

In short: we have learnt a lot about IES Landskrona.

However, our learning as staff is as nothing compared to the development within our students. Ten weeks in, and we see a huge development, especially in their English. We hope that you see that too.

Some general questions have come up and I would like to give an update on them here:


Café and fruits

Due to rules for hygiene and cash handling we have not been able to open the café. We intended to have our suppliers of food delivering this service, but after some investigation they concluded that they were unable to help us with this.

Students have handled it very well, and are allowed to eat fruit if they ask a teacher. Occasionally some fruits have ended up on the toilet floor, but in general the students have been very good with this.

Compressed time table

Many parents have asked about our compressed timetables. We have them compressed in order to have a later start in the morning every day of the week. We also have more teaching time than stipulated by the government, and we have decided to adopt this timetable in order to avoid the days being too long. It may take some time to get used to, but in my experience this arrangement is preferable to longer days.  


SchoolSoft implementation

Homework and assignments should now be up on SchoolSoft for parents to see. If you cannot see these please contact the subject teacher.  Over the course of the rest of the term we will publish more details on SchoolSoft such as subject rubric, grades and planning.


Adjustments to busses

Parents have been asking about adjustments to bus time tables. In some cases we can make this happen, in other cases not. We try our best to cater for all needs, but sometimes it is not possible to make adjustments.

After school clubs

Some after school clubs have been up and running for some time, and others will start during the winter. It is important to remember that After School activities do not replace Fritidshem!

Sunshine Call

We will call the guardians during week 45, mostly on the Tuesday. Our policy is to call twice and, if we do not get an answer, to leave a message. We call the guardians registered in SchoolSoft (please note that we only call one guardian if both have the same address).


If you have any questions, please do not hessitate to contact me: 073-746 05 01

Yours Truly 

Chris Nilsson

Principal IES Landskrona