Principal Update December

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From the Principal

Dear Students and guardians

It is hard to believe that the term is already coming to an end. IES Landskrona has started off well and we are continuing to build our school. As the leader of the school, it is my impression that the students have gotten used to our rules, the English language and our special timetable. Of course we still have work to do, but over all, things have turned out well for IES Landskrona.


Below I have summarized some information that I want you to read.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Chris Nilsson

Principal IES Landskrona


Admission for 2018

Admission for 2018 will start in January. We will accept 56 students in our F-class as well as students in other year levels where we have places open. Please ensure that you have notified Ms. Andersson ( about any siblings wanting to start this autumn.


New Start Time for year F-3 on Mondays

Parents are reminded that F-3 classes will start 08:30 on Mondays after the break. We do this to enable the staff to participate in staff meeting together with the teaching staff of 4-9.


Changes in Fritids

The school has recently made some changes to the staffing on fritids. Some parents have raised concerns about the number of staff working in our fritidshem. Today we have 151 students during the most busy hours of the day and 14 members of staff working that time. That means we have a ratio of 10.8 students per adult. The national average is 13.1 according to Skolverket. So we have a very good student/adult ratio.


Bus stop

The bus stop is not a playground area, and it is impossible for the school to monitor that area all the time. We ask all guardians of students that take the bus to talk to their children about safety at the bus stop.


After schools clubs

Over the autumn term we have had a few after school clubs running. The Golf club was especially appreciated. We are now focused on grading and will start more clubs when the weather allows us to be outside.


Grades for year 4-5 and general

As mentioned in previous information, the students of IES Landskrona will be given formal grades from year 4 this term. This is trial that will be evaluated by Skolverket and other agencies. As far as we can see this has increased the students’ motivation to hand in work as well as to work a little harder to earn a higher grade. So that is very positive.


Lines of communication

Parents are reminded that if you have questions regarding the teaching, you should contact the teacher. If you have a concern or complaint about a specific member of staff, please contact Mr. Nilsson directly. We appreciate constructive feedback via telephone. Complaints should be filed to Mr. Nilsson, see our website:



The first PTA (Parent Teacher Association - sv. hem och skola)  meeting will take place Jan 18 2018 at 5.30 pm. Please let us know via SchoolSoft (see news) if you will attend. The PTA is the formal body for supporting the school in events such as school trips and markets, as well as a formal body for collaboration with the school leadership.


New Behavioural Support Coordinator

From week 45 the school has promoted Mr. Greene into a student care role as Behavioural Support Coordinator. He is working with students and classes in need of support in this area. He is much appreciated by the students and staff. Please feel free to contact Mr. Greene ( for issues regarding behavioural concerns.


Student cafe

The school leadership have perhaps found a solution but it will require help by the parents. We are planning to redecorate the house area into a student cafe. We have some issues with regard to permits and cash register to resolve, but we are hopeful that this will done in the first weeks of the new term.


Recreation area

The games room for year 7-9 has been turned into a silent study room and we have placed two fussball tables out in the corridor. Sadly both of them have been damaged and we are awaiting repairs. More games will be purchased after the holidays.


Book donations

The Library accepts book donations, and we will continue to build our libraries over the years to come. If you want to make a donation, please contact


Visit school

After the break, the guardians are welcome to contact teachers to book a time for joining a lesson. It is always up to the teacher to decide if a visit is appropriate.