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Lucia 2018

This year's Lucia celebration was performed by the F-class. The Lucia train traveled through the halls of the 4-9 wings singing classic Lucia songs and performed in front of grades 1-3. All students enjoyed a "lussebullar" and saft to wrap up the festivities.

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From the Principal

Principal Update Dec 2018

Dear Guardians

The autumn term of 2018 has now come to an end. I am very thankful for all the hard work displayed by students and staff at IES Landskrona and I think I can honestly say that we all deserve a few weeks’ break to rest now.

However, before we all relax I would like to share some information about next term and about what has been going on during the last few months.


SPT (Utvecklingssamtal) will be held on the following days:

Year 3: 21-23 January
Year 4-9: 30-31 January
Year 2: 30 Jan - 1 February
Year 1: 7-8 February
Year F: 11 February

You will be able to book your times on SchoolSoft as last year. Fritids will be open for those who need.


Upcoming Events

I would  like to give a heads-up for some upcoming events:

Book Fair - February 7, more information will be put on SchoolSoft.
PRAO for year 8 will take place during week 10. Students can already start to look for places.
A couple of student teachers from Canada will do their practicum at IES Landskrona during week 13-17.
Graduation for year 9 (as well as end of year for F-8) will take place on June 14.

With regard to grades

We know that grades mean a lot to our students and guardians. However I must ask all to view grades for what they actually are: a checkpoint in time to give the best possible indication of the student’s abilities at that very moment. We also know that the grading system in Sweden is confusing and hard for students and parents to understand. If you have questions about grading, you simply call the teacher (after the break) to check in.

With regard to SchoolSoft

We are getting quite of lot of feedback from guardians, students and staff about SchoolSoft. Sadly it is mainly negative. The management are aware that a few updates have caused some confusion. Some guardians suffer from “information overload” while others are lacking information. We are currently reviewing how to use SchoolSoft more effectively, and this is a process that will be completed during the spring term.

Some of the extra activities we have undertaken

On top of the regular classes, the teachers have arranged outings, sports days and more. Here are a few examples of such activities done last term.

  • Sports / activity day for year 4-9.
  • Year 7 did guided tours in Copenhagen.
  • Classes 6A, 6B, 8A and 8B had author “Annette Eggert” visiting us and giving the students good tips in writing.
  • The chess club has been learning a lot and preparing for a competition in January.
  • Some Y5 and Y6 students participated in the Bebras (Beaver) challenge on computational thinking and problem solving.
  • German: 9A have been in Lund and had a historical tour about Lund and Germany.
  • Year 7 and 6 German made their own breakfast company and ended the unit by making breakfast together.
  • Year 8 German made their own Icecafé.
  • Year 7-9 participated in political debates before the election and met politicians from almost all major parties.
  • Year 7-9 participated in the school election.
  • Grade 8-9 volunteers helped with decorations and other planning for the upcoming Scholastic Book Fair.
  • 9A ended their cooking unit by cooking a 3 course meal for some of our teachers.
  • 6A and 6B are making Christmas cookies for the staff.
  • A Yoga instructor came in to teach the year 8s about the benefits of yoga.
  • Year 7s and 8s went ice skating.
  • Year 7-9 got a lecture from Non Smoking Generation.
  • Year 6s had their first debate in English with guest judges as an audience to make it more formal.
  • Year 5 went to Ven and to the Tycho Brahe museum.
  • Year 5 went to a School movie in town.

For more events, please see our Facebook Page:


Yours Truly

Chris Nilsson


Principal IES Landskrona

Lego Robot League

Lego Robot League

This weekend, a group of 7th graders competed in the First LEGO League in Malmö. After three amazing presentations and three robot matches they came out very successful, finishing 6th overall in the robot challenges and top 4 for their technology presentation. Congratulations Team IES, fantastic job!!