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Career Day 2018

Career Day 2018

This week grades 8 & 9 welcomed guest speakers from 6 different professions who came and spoke about their career. The speakers included: Sales & Marketing from Assa Abloy; Building and Electric program from Öresundsgymnasiet; Game Programmer and Game Graphic Designers from King - an interactive entertainment company; Doctor in Political Science from Lund University; Communications department from Landskrona Stad; and a medical student from Lund University.

From the Principal

Principal update Sep 2018

A good start

This year we welcomed around 120 new students in almost all year levels. Most of them (56) in F-class, but also many new in year 4,6, and 7. From my perspective we have had a good start, with the new classes settling in, getting to know each other, and starting the academic process for the year.

The new staggered start times for F-3 have created a much calmer environment in the F-3 wing during the mornings. The start time varies due to accessibility to the special rooms, such as Music Room, Sports Hall and Art Room. We are also happy to see that our Fritidshems new routines are settling in.

Results from last year

This summer we have analyzed the results from last year. Some really positive results I want to share are that:

97 % of students recommend the school

96% of students feeling safe

90 % saying: In your experience, do adults in the school pay attention to and actively take a stand against different forms of violence such disruptions, verbal and physical abuse or tendencies towards bullying?

These are very good results that we will build on during our second year of operations.

Class Remixing

We can also see that the class remixing has gone well. Some new constellations have already formed and many still have classes with former classmates in our mixed SO-groups for year 6-9.


Food has also improved, with an extra pasta dish added each day. We work closely with our contractor to ensure best possible quality.

Extra Curricular Activities

We have also started with the Extracurricular Activities for the students. This year it is mandatory to pick one. So far we have offered the following activities:

Year 8-9


Advanced Art Techniques


Random acts of kindness

Book Club

Pattern Cutting & Making

Football with Landskrona BOIS


Year 6-7

Sports Club

History Games


Book Club

Let's make something! (Wood crafts)

Making of a Sewing Booklet

Chess club

Advanced English

Sports Club


Football with Landskrona BOIS


Year 4-5

Experiments in Art


Historical Timeline

Fashion Project

Let's make something! (Wood crafts)

Advanced English

Book Club

Environment Scouts

Drama/Public Speaking

Football with Landskrona BOIS


New Teachers coming in

Our new French teacher, Ms Wong from Canada, will start in the mid term break. We hope to have decision from migration authorities etc. ready by then. In the meantime, Ms. Baker is filling in.

Cosy Day

After popular demand from students, Friday Sep 14 we have a “Cosy Day”, “Mysdag” where the students and staff dress a little more casual than usual.

SPT Times (Utvecklingssamtal)

Please book your SPT-time on SchoolSoft. Contact your mentor if you have any questions about this. Due to logistical complexity we can not do all SPT the same day this year. The school is simply too big.


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Upcoming Events, see our school calendar:

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Political Debate

Political Debate

Last Wednesday, six out of nine swedish political parties in the European Parlament held a debate for grades 7-9. The politicians debated topics such as equality, crime & punishment and taxes. After the debate, the politicians were invited to attend a student mingle where the students had the opportunity to talk with each candidate and discuss the topics in greater depth. The day was very well received by both students as well as the politicians. Grades 7-9 will be voting in a school election this Friday.

All time tables 2018 - 2019

Time tables for Year 1 - 9 are found here.

Please note that F-class have lessons

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