Career Guidance (SYV)


I work as a study and career counselor (SYV) at IES in Landskrona. As a SYV, I want to ensure that you as a student receive guidance and information that is impartial and individually based on your interests and the issues you have regarding your future and choice of gymnasie.

It is important that you feel ready and prepared when it is time for you to apply for gymnasiet.

My and the whole school's responsibility is to give you, as a student, career managemnet skills (Valkompetens)

SYV is a school-wide responsibility, from preschool class onwards. The teachers work to stimulate students' creativity, curiosity and self-confidence as well as their willingness to try and solve problems.

During spring in year 8, I prepare you for a week's prao and in year 9 you have a week's prao in the fall.
We meet for individual talks and in the classroom. We talk about future competences, professions, gymnasieprograms, etc. You as a student are welcome to come and talk to me when I have "open office" or book a time for a meeting. 

Of course, as a guardian, you are more than welcome to contact me if you have any concerns about prao, choice of gymnasiet or anything else that you feel you need to discuss with me.

Useful Links:

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Eva Andersson
Studie-och yrkesvägledare (SYV)
telefon: 073-4201623