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From the Principal

Principal update Sep 2018

A good start

This year we welcomed around 120 new students in almost all year levels. Most of them (56) in F-class, but also many new in year 4,6, and 7. From my perspective we have had a good start, with the new classes settling in, getting to know each other, and starting the academic process for the year.

The new staggered start times for F-3 have created a much calmer environment in the F-3 wing during the mornings. The start time varies due to accessibility to the special rooms, such as Music Room, Sports Hall and Art Room. We are also happy to see that our Fritidshems new routines are settling in.

Results from last year

This summer we have analyzed the results from last year. Some really positive results I want to share are that:

97 % of students recommend the school

96% of students feeling safe

90 % saying: In your experience, do adults in the school pay attention to and actively take a stand against different forms of violence such disruptions, verbal and physical abuse or tendencies towards bullying?

These are very good results that we will build on during our second year of operations.

Class Remixing

We can also see that the class remixing has gone well. Some new constellations have already formed and many still have classes with former classmates in our mixed SO-groups for year 6-9.


Food has also improved, with an extra pasta dish added each day. We work closely with our contractor to ensure best possible quality.

Extra Curricular Activities

We have also started with the Extracurricular Activities for the students. This year it is mandatory to pick one. So far we have offered the following activities:

Year 8-9


Advanced Art Techniques


Random acts of kindness

Book Club

Pattern Cutting & Making

Football with Landskrona BOIS


Year 6-7

Sports Club

History Games


Book Club

Let's make something! (Wood crafts)

Making of a Sewing Booklet

Chess club

Advanced English

Sports Club


Football with Landskrona BOIS


Year 4-5

Experiments in Art


Historical Timeline

Fashion Project

Let's make something! (Wood crafts)

Advanced English

Book Club

Environment Scouts

Drama/Public Speaking

Football with Landskrona BOIS


New Teachers coming in

Our new French teacher, Ms Wong from Canada, will start in the mid term break. We hope to have decision from migration authorities etc. ready by then. In the meantime, Ms. Baker is filling in.

Cosy Day

After popular demand from students, Friday Sep 14 we have a “Cosy Day”, “Mysdag” where the students and staff dress a little more casual than usual.

SPT Times (Utvecklingssamtal)

Please book your SPT-time on SchoolSoft. Contact your mentor if you have any questions about this. Due to logistical complexity we can not do all SPT the same day this year. The school is simply too big.


Please follow us on Facebook: IES Landskrona

Upcoming Events, see our school calendar:

School Calendar


From the Principal

Principal Update Summer 2018

Welcome back to school

I hope all students and guardians have enjoyed the nice Swedish weather and are rested for yet another school year at IES Landskrona. We start the school again on Aug 22 with roll call, and with regular lessons on Aug 23rd.

We welcome 56 new students in F-class and about 60 new students in existing year levels. I would like to present some news for the upcomining school year. In total we will be 570 students at IES Landskrona this year.

Extra Curricular & Student Choice

All students will be attending approximately 1 hr of Student Choice (Extra Curricular Activities) from first week of September. A variety of choices will be offered to our students for one term at a time.

New Teachers

We welcome a handful of new teachers to our IES Landskrona Team.

Mr. James Marshall from Scotland - Science and Math senior school
Mr. Peter Lücken from Minnesota, US - Geography and Religion year 6-9
Ms. Anika Albers from Canada - English F-class and Aesthetics subjects year 1-3
Ms. Daryl O´Dea from Ireland - Textiles 4-9
Ms. Louise Cassell from Sweden - Special Education
MS. Molly Eroglu from US - English year 5-6 (Starting in September)


This year PTA will be a formalized organisation. Meeting Times will be posted on SchoolSoft.

PRAO year 8

Student in year 8 will have PRAO in the Spring Term of 2019.

SO-groups in year 6-9

The Social Sciences (History, Geography, Religion and Civics) will be taught in mixed classes in year levels 6 to 9. That means students will meet classmates from the other class 4 hours per week. Mr. Kronberg will teach History and Civics and Mr. Lücken will teach Religion and Geography.

New pickup Spots for Primary Students

In order to improve the order in the primary part of the school, guardians will be asked to pick up students not attending Fritids outside the main entrance. More details will be published on SchoolSoft.


1A Ms. Frasier
1B Ms. Gudinge

2A Ms. Strand
2B Ms. Nordberg

3A Ms. Cederberg
3B Ms. Olofsson

4A Ms. Lundquist & Mr. McIsaac
4B Ms. Karlsson & Ms. Silikar

5A Ms. Persson & Ms. O´Dea
5B Mr. Chappell &  Mr. Miao

6A Mr. Bengtsson & Mr. Lücken
6B Mr. Kronberg & Mr. Marshall

7A Ms. Scott & Ms. Huston
7B Mr. Greene & Ms. Engelbrecht

8A Dr. Håkansson & Ms. Borowska
8B Ms. Holmander & Ms. Bennett

9A Ms. Åström &  Ms. Corlyon

Children born in 2018
The queue for children born in 2018 will open Feb 2019, this mean that all children have the chance to be enrolled despite being born late in the year. 


From the Principal

Principal Update Spring 2018

We are closing in to the end of our first year at IES Landskrona. As a principal it has been a great experience and I really appreciate all the hard work from students, staff and guardians. We are continuing to build our school together.


End of Year Ceremonies

The end of year ceremonies will be held June 15th and the day is expected to end no later than 1pm. Separate invitations will be sent out to guardians closer to the date.


Class Remixing and June 14

We are currently working on putting our new classes together. All year levels (with the exception of year 8) will be mixed this year. We will invite all new students except the f-class (about 50 of them starting in year 2-8) for a “New Class Day” on June 14th.



Don´t forget to like or facebook page facebook.com/IESLandskrona/ for updates from the school, examples of student work and more.


Teachers for 2018 - 2019

We have finished recruitment for the school year of 2018 - 2019 and are happy to announce the following teacher allocation:

F-class: Ms. M. Mårtensson, Ms. Gudinge Sr., Ms. L. Mårtensson and Ms. H. Nordberg

Year 1:  Ms. Frasier and Ms. Gudinge Jr.

Year 2: Ms. S. Nordberg, Ms. Strand

Year 3: Ms. Olofsson, Ms. Cederberg


Teacher allocation and mentors for year 4-9 will be published closer to the start of school.

We have a few new teachers coming in as well:

Mr. James Marshall from Scotland, Science and Maths in year 6-7

Mr. Pete Lücken from US, Religion and Geography year 6-9

Ms. Daryl O'Dea from Ireland, Textiles year 4-9

Ms. Barbora Borovska from Canada, French and Home Ec. Year 6-9

Ms. Anika Albers from Canada, Aesthetics year F-3


After school clubs and student choice

We are currently running a Golf club, chess club and relaxation club. In order to improve quantity and quality we have decided to merge the After School activities with “Student Choice” for next year, meaning that students will have to choose one after school activity as a part of the regular curriculum. Choices will be made early next term.


Apartments for teachers

We are also looking for apartments for teachers for next year. Please contact the admin if you have any leads.

From the Principal

Principal Update December

Dear Students and guardians

It is hard to believe that the term is already coming to an end. IES Landskrona has started off well and we are continuing to build our school. As the leader of the school, it is my impression that the students have gotten used to our rules, the English language and our special timetable. Of course we still have work to do, but over all, things have turned out well for IES Landskrona.


Below I have summarized some information that I want you to read.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Chris Nilsson

Principal IES Landskrona


Admission for 2018

Admission for 2018 will start in January. We will accept 56 students in our F-class as well as students in other year levels where we have places open. Please ensure that you have notified Ms. Andersson (eva.andersson.landskrona@engelska.se) about any siblings wanting to start this autumn.


New Start Time for year F-3 on Mondays

Parents are reminded that F-3 classes will start 08:30 on Mondays after the break. We do this to enable the staff to participate in staff meeting together with the teaching staff of 4-9.


Changes in Fritids

The school has recently made some changes to the staffing on fritids. Some parents have raised concerns about the number of staff working in our fritidshem. Today we have 151 students during the most busy hours of the day and 14 members of staff working that time. That means we have a ratio of 10.8 students per adult. The national average is 13.1 according to Skolverket. So we have a very good student/adult ratio.


Bus stop

The bus stop is not a playground area, and it is impossible for the school to monitor that area all the time. We ask all guardians of students that take the bus to talk to their children about safety at the bus stop.


After schools clubs

Over the autumn term we have had a few after school clubs running. The Golf club was especially appreciated. We are now focused on grading and will start more clubs when the weather allows us to be outside.


Grades for year 4-5 and general

As mentioned in previous information, the students of IES Landskrona will be given formal grades from year 4 this term. This is trial that will be evaluated by Skolverket and other agencies. As far as we can see this has increased the students’ motivation to hand in work as well as to work a little harder to earn a higher grade. So that is very positive.


Lines of communication

Parents are reminded that if you have questions regarding the teaching, you should contact the teacher. If you have a concern or complaint about a specific member of staff, please contact Mr. Nilsson directly. We appreciate constructive feedback via telephone. Complaints should be filed to Mr. Nilsson, see our website: https://engelska.se/about-ies/ies-ombudsman



The first PTA (Parent Teacher Association - sv. hem och skola)  meeting will take place Jan 18 2018 at 5.30 pm. Please let us know via SchoolSoft (see news) if you will attend. The PTA is the formal body for supporting the school in events such as school trips and markets, as well as a formal body for collaboration with the school leadership.


New Behavioural Support Coordinator

From week 45 the school has promoted Mr. Greene into a student care role as Behavioural Support Coordinator. He is working with students and classes in need of support in this area. He is much appreciated by the students and staff. Please feel free to contact Mr. Greene (matthew.greene.landskrona@engelska.se) for issues regarding behavioural concerns.


Student cafe

The school leadership have perhaps found a solution but it will require help by the parents. We are planning to redecorate the house area into a student cafe. We have some issues with regard to permits and cash register to resolve, but we are hopeful that this will done in the first weeks of the new term.


Recreation area

The games room for year 7-9 has been turned into a silent study room and we have placed two fussball tables out in the corridor. Sadly both of them have been damaged and we are awaiting repairs. More games will be purchased after the holidays.


Book donations

The Library accepts book donations, and we will continue to build our libraries over the years to come. If you want to make a donation, please contact matthew.baker.landskrona@engelska.se.


Visit school

After the break, the guardians are welcome to contact teachers to book a time for joining a lesson. It is always up to the teacher to decide if a visit is appropriate.

From the Principal

Update from the principal

Dear Students and Guardian

Almost ten weeks have past since we opened the schools with bagpipes, speeches and the planting of an apple tree. A few students have left us, and more have joined.  Many students are applying to get in, so if you have sibling that you want to apply they need to be enrolled in the queue as soon as possible. Admission for 2018 will start close to Christmas or shortly after.

In the last few weeks management and teachers have made day to day operations our priority. This has involved helping all students to follow our rules, learn our building, our culture and our expectations. We have discovered some ventilation issues and fixed them, we have learnt that the logistics of the lunch room had to be rethought, and some of the lunchtimes have been changed. We have ordered plenty of teaching materials and more will come.

In short: we have learnt a lot about IES Landskrona.

However, our learning as staff is as nothing compared to the development within our students. Ten weeks in, and we see a huge development, especially in their English. We hope that you see that too.

Some general questions have come up and I would like to give an update on them here:


Café and fruits

Due to rules for hygiene and cash handling we have not been able to open the café. We intended to have our suppliers of food delivering this service, but after some investigation they concluded that they were unable to help us with this.

Students have handled it very well, and are allowed to eat fruit if they ask a teacher. Occasionally some fruits have ended up on the toilet floor, but in general the students have been very good with this.

Compressed time table

Many parents have asked about our compressed timetables. We have them compressed in order to have a later start in the morning every day of the week. We also have more teaching time than stipulated by the government, and we have decided to adopt this timetable in order to avoid the days being too long. It may take some time to get used to, but in my experience this arrangement is preferable to longer days.  


SchoolSoft implementation

Homework and assignments should now be up on SchoolSoft for parents to see. If you cannot see these please contact the subject teacher.  Over the course of the rest of the term we will publish more details on SchoolSoft such as subject rubric, grades and planning.


Adjustments to busses

Parents have been asking about adjustments to bus time tables. In some cases we can make this happen, in other cases not. We try our best to cater for all needs, but sometimes it is not possible to make adjustments.

After school clubs

Some after school clubs have been up and running for some time, and others will start during the winter. It is important to remember that After School activities do not replace Fritidshem!

Sunshine Call

We will call the guardians during week 45, mostly on the Tuesday. Our policy is to call twice and, if we do not get an answer, to leave a message. We call the guardians registered in SchoolSoft (please note that we only call one guardian if both have the same address).


If you have any questions, please do not hessitate to contact me: 073-746 05 01

Yours Truly 

Chris Nilsson

Principal IES Landskrona

it was very important to me that we put a highly-capable and trustworthy Principal in place to lead the school forward.”

In preparation for the school’s opening, Mr Nilsson will take on his new role from Wednesday, 1 February, 2017.

Internationella Engelska Skolan Landskrona will be a F-9 school and will open in August 2017. The queue is open now and parents are welcome to apply for a place for their children on a first-come, first-served basis.

Visit  www.landskrona.engelska.se to apply for a place today.

From the Principal

Come and Work With Us

We are now recruiting the very best teachers in all subject areas. We expect you to be a true professional, with the credentials of certification – from Sweden or abroad – to prove it. We also need professionals in non-teaching areas to work with us.

If you are passionate about education, believe in our ethos of a safe and orderly environment and high academic expectations, then you are the sort of teacher we are looking for.

If you are enticed by the thought of being part of a dynamic international school environment – then this is an exciting career opportunity for you.

Send your CV to our HR department at www.engelska.se/careers/apply, citing reference LKRN17.