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An F-9 School opening in August 2017

From the Principal

From the Principal

From the Principal

Principal Appointed for Internationella Engelska Skolan Landskrona

Internationella Engelska Skolan has now appointed an experienced educator with a strong connection to IES to open our new school in Landskrona and lead it forward.

Mr Chris Nilsson was a key part of the team which opened IES Hässleholm two years ago, and has been leading it successfully since.  He has now accepted the position as Principal of IES Landskrona, and will be leading the brand new school, both before opening and once the school is up and running.

School Blog

Uppdatering antagning och fritidshem

Admission is well under way. Over 400 students have been accepted to the school, and we are currently calling students on our waiting list. We expect admission to be going on until the end of May.

Those admitted to the school will soon be offered a place in our "Fritidshem". Student will be able to enroll withing a few weeks.

Start dates 2017

Dear Students and Guardians IES Landskrona will start "fritids" August 7 2017. Regular school starts Aug 21 with our official inauguration.

You find our full school calendar here!

Angående reservantagning

Skolan kommer nu börja bjuda in reserver för de platser där vi fått återbud. Då även reservantagna ges viss betänketid kommer reservantagningen att vara pågånde under större delen av våren. Vid frågor ring rektor Chris Nilsson på 073 746 05 01

We're hiring! Click here to learn more about jobs at IES.
We're hiring! Click here to learn more about jobs at IES.
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